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Welcome to the Sepior documentation hub. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Sepior Key Management-as-a-Service as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

Sign-up for KMaaS

Key Management-as-a-Service

To sign up for Sepior KMaaS go to:

    After filling out the form you will receive an invitation email. Following the instructions in this email you will be guided trough a wizard to setup up the service to your needs. During this process you will asked to decide whether you want to use KeyServers hosted by Sepior or if you prefer to host them yourself at a cloud service provider (CSP) of your choice.

If you choose the customer-hosted version, please follow this guide to deploy your cluster of KeyServers.

We manage your KeyServers in either case!

Even if you choose to host the KeyServers under your own control at CSPs of your own choice, the Sepior KMaaS software will help you deploy and manage them (in a secure fashion), so you really do not need to worry about administration.

The following table explains the main differences between the two choices:



Sepior has full access to all Keys.
You must trust Sepior and the Threshold Trust model.

Sepior has no access to your keys.
You just need to trust the Threshold Trust model.


We do all the management.

We do all the management except for payment to the CSPs where your KeyServers are hosted.


As described in our price list. No additional cost.

To use the service, you are charged as described in our price list.
Additionally you will have to pay the cloud service providers chosen for the hosting of each KeyServer.

For the customer-hosted version please see our list of supported cloud providers. Here you can also see the locations of the Sepior-hosted version.

Pros and cons for customer-hosted KeyServers

Customer-hosted KeyServers are placed at cloud service providers (CSPs) chosen by the customer and the customer will own the instances there. The pros and cons of this are straightforward:

  • The customer will not need to trust Sepior but only the Threshold Trust model.
  • The customer must pay for each CSP the cost incurred for hosting each KeyServer. This cost is not covered by the price you pay Sepior for using the service.

Start using your Sepior KMaaS

Once your cluster of KeyServers have been provisioned, you can start using it. To integrate with any application you first need to register the application(s) that you need to use.

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Sign-up for KMaaS

Key Management-as-a-Service

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